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By the words " website www.caleniaenergia.eu" (as follows, in brief, as the “Site”), Calenia Energia SpA means to make reference to any technical-IT factors, therein included, by way of an example and therefore incomplete, the software which allows the work related to coding, the contents, the technical solutions used, the graphic designs and any other parts which have already been made or are to be made.
By the words “Intellectual and Industrial Property” with regards to the Calenia Energia SpA Site, it means to make reference to all the known rights and laws governed by the International and National laws, among which – by way of an example and therefore incomplete, regarding all the nations worldwide and without any time limit - – each patent, past or future copyrights, models and or decorative design, brand name and or service (both registered and which uses, whether actual or constructed, Calenia Energia SpA), know-how, domain name, bank data and all its related applications.
By the words "Material", Calenia Energia SpA means to make reference to all the Site contents shown – by way of an example and therefore incomplete – texts, photographs, images, graphic designs, files, any kind of software, audio material, videos, computer animations, multimedia and hypertext elements, independently or created, by support which allows, extensions (by way of example and therefore incomplete: mp3, wav, jpg, mpeg, gif, doc, etc.), by sizes and dimensions, by versions in use, by techniques used for their distribution and or broadcasts.
The material published on this site may be freely distributed only under the following conditions:
1) The texts and files attached shall remain in their original formats;
2) The distribution shall not be aimed at making profits;
3) The sources, the authors and the web site where they wrote, shall be mentioned;
4) In every case, the distribution and or the spread or, however, the use of the material published on the site, shall take place fully respecting the provisions stated in the D.Law 30th June 2003, no.196 (c.d. “Privacy Code”) and in any subsequent modifications or inclusions. Calenia Energia SpA declines any liability for any potential violation by third parties regarding the above mentioned provisions.
To include any material published on the Site in CD-ROM, software collections and printed publications etc., one shall ask for authorisation from Calenia Energia SpA.

Press Review
One may reproduce only the title of the news published, with the link to the same text.

Every right to databases that may be on the Site (e.g. newsletters, information packs, publications, regulations etc.) is reserved. It is banned to extract, reproduce or copy any other activity.

In compliance with the provisions set forth in D.Laws 196/2003, you are informed that one has the right to oppose data processing when sending marketing and advertising material. Furthermore, one may use one’s rights of access to data according to art. 7 in D.Laws 196/2003; among which are the rights to be informed on the data sources, by the method and the scope of the processing, to whom the data may be sent, as well as the right of amendment, updating and data deletion. Who intends to exercise these rights may send a letter by second class post to Calenia Energia SpA, Via Enrico Albareto 21, 16153 GE

Content Use
Who intends to use the Site contents, may ask via e-mail at the address info.it(at)axpo.com or by second class post to Calenia Energia, The Head of Communication and P.R. Società Gruppo Axpo, Via Enrico Albareto 21, 16153 GE

The material and contents published on the Site have been carefully sifted and analysed, and have been processed with great care. In any case, it is possible there are some errors, inaccuracies and omissions. Calenia Energia SpA declines any liability for errors and omissions which may be on the Site.
One shall be reminded, furthermore, that the information provided is purely approximate.


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