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Situated in the industrial area "ex-Pozzi" in Sparanise, the thermoelectric plant from Calenia is, today, among one of the most modern plants for electricity generation, thanks to the use of combined cycle technology.

The plant was designed to guarantee maximum environmental respect and the highest energy production efficiency.

As a matter of fact, the plant, fuelled by natural gas, using the most advanced combustion technology, minimising environmental impact and greatly improving energy efficiency in the plant and which is equal to about 56% (with an increase equal to over 40% compared to conventional thermoelectric plants).

Its excellent logistics are a feature of the site chosen for the plant.  Indeed, the energy produced by the plant is put into the national energy grid, through a 380 kV connection from the electro duct at S.Maria Capua Vetere – Garigliano; while regarding the natural gas supply, the plant is connected to the gas pipeline, which already existed in the area and it is only 500 metres from the area of the plant, the SNAM Rete Gas .

Finally, the entire structure of the plant was designed on the principles of Slow Architecture, with the aim of making it more functional and harmonious placing it in its natural setting.  


Operational headquarters

Strada Statale Appia
Area industriale Ex Pozzi
81056 Sparanise (CE)