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Calenia Energia, which is especially careful about environmental respect, is committed to implementing a sound environmental policy, making use of the best technology available which currently exists on the market; with the aim of minimising and respecting the standards of the laws in force, regarding environmental impact and, above all, on the subject of emissions.
Currently, combined cycle technology is considered to be the best solution to environmental compatibility and to safeguarding the general public’s health.

Apart from complying to the rigorous standards on gaseous emissions the plant, as a matter of fact, was designed to handle, well below the limits set out by law, of the acoustic emissions (using soundproofed panelling), the intake and the dispersion of liquids (the closed water cycle).

To guarantee abidance to the environmental limits, set by the authorities and by the laws, an environmental monitoring system was planned in the area.

In fact, a 24 hour per day active control system, where the Authority in question has free access, calculates both the stack emission readings and the measurement of the amounts of emissions, by a system of control units on the surrounding land.

The results of this monitoring activity are gathered in a centralised IT system, for the data processing required in compliance to the laws in force and to the set agreements with the local authority in charge (ARPAC).

Thanks to this efficient system of environmental management, the local administrations are able to actively participate in the monitoring process, both in checking abidance to the regulations in force and also by intervening whenever the quality of the air may worsen.





Operational headquarters

Strada Statale Appia
Area industriale Ex Pozzi
81056 Sparanise (CE)